EXOCAD - Bar on implants

Course is intended for Exocad users which would like to upgrade their knowledge from designing a bar and attachments on implants. Participants need to have previous knowledge of the use of Exocad programs.


  • model scaning with Identica Blue/Hybrid (upper/lower model on 6/4 implants),
  • use of Exocad program – module for bars and attachments,
  • digital setting up of the teeth and bar planning,
  • designing a bar with attachments based on digital setting up.

Every participant is working independently on the computer.

Osnovne informacije

  • LokacijaEducation center Interdent Celje
  • Trajanje1 day
  • Omejitev2 - 4
  • Jezikenglish / german
  • Cena366,00 € incl. VAT


Mihael Skaza, zt

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